Cell Enhanced Face Lift

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Cell Enhanced Face Lift

Skin For the Future
Celebrities have been the first to embrace a totally new technique in facial rejuvenation that offers long lasting improvements that will make many of today’s aesthetic treatments obsolete. Youthful beauty is restored by introducing millions of powerful new stem cells under the skin to eliminate facial lines, wrinkles, scars and replace lost skin volume. Your own newly activated stem cells go to work causing a dynamic regeneration response on the cellular level.

It’s Better Than Natural-It Comes From You

  • Your fat stores an abundant supply of dormant stem cells
  • Once activated stem cells become our internal repair system
  • Damaged, aged cells are replaced with healthy vibrant cells
  • Stem cells divide without limit to replenish others

Is it Safe?

  • Fast recovery
  • Out-patient procedure
  • No adverse reaction-these are your cells
  • No facial surgery, anesthesia, scalpel, or stitches

Good-Bye Traditional Facelift

  • Pulled compromised thin skin
  • Unnatural result can look distorted
  • Long surgery and down time

Restylane, Radiesse, Juvaderm, & Botox Cannot do This!

  • Turn back the calendar 10 years or more
  • Look younger in time with continued improvements for 18-24 months
  • Restore skin quality, lost natural facial volume, plump lips & cheeks
  • Removes wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark under eye circles, age spots, and frown lines

Skin Sense

  • More affordable than a traditional facelift or dermal filler maintenance
  • Stem cell technology can be applied to the hands, neck, and décolleté