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We have recently developed a comprehensive program for Cerebral Palsypatients combining both nerve stem cell activation and stimulation treatment, and stem cells injections. This combined treatment has so far proven itself to be the most effective means to achieving a high level of recovery.

The treatment includes stem cell implantation, a "cocktail" of medications and brain nutrition materials given through IV, biofeedback treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation.

By employing all of the above methods we can maximally improve functions such as sensibility, mobility, language and intelligence.

The key to the success of this treatment method is the overall customized treatment regimen for each patient.

Self Stem Cells Activation and Proliferation:

Using a non-invasive procedure, through daily IV of an individually customized cocktail of neurotrophic medications we activate the patient's own stem cells and as a result, turn these cells into nerve precursor cells. These cells have signalization and migrate to lesions along the nerve developing-chord.


Neural Stem Cells Injections:

Neural Stem cells extracted from a Fetus have the advantage of already being specialized naturally into neural cells and therefore there is no need to induce them into becoming neural cells by artificial means.

We offer a safe stem cell implantation procedure for Cerebral Palsy patients:

The procedure includes: Sub-arachnoid Surgery, Spinal Cord Fluid Stem Cell Injections, and an Injection through a lumbar puncture into the spinal cord fluid. We use this technique in the following cases:

1. The patient cannot cooperate properly for going through sterotaxios brain surgery.

2. The target in the brain is not clear enough or is too big to use the brain injection.

This procedure takes between 5 to 10 minutes. It is a simple and safe procedure that has almost no side effects or risks. This procedure takes place in the operating room and is performed by stem cell specialists.

Typically, 3 or 4 injections of 5 million cells each are given to the patient.



Rehabilitation therapy is a very necessary part of the whole treatment regimen. In the past 20 years nerve system rehabilitation, in terms of motor control theory, has been greatly developed. The research results indicate that brain injury is an anatomical injury and it does not necessarily mean functional loss. Modern nerve development theory (NDT) focuses on what functions remain and what functions can be regained through treatment and/or training.

The adult stem cell mobilization technique we use is combined with signal induction in the rehabilitation training procedure which can significantly improve brain function.

In our Rehabilitation center we use different kinds of rehabilitation methods such as: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.

The Procedures:

Self stem cell activation and proliferation program

This program usually takes 5-6 weeks of stay in the Hospital.

1. Upon arrival at the hospital, you will be given standard tests to check your health and the details of your condition. A thorough evaluation of the neurological function and understanding of the lesion or pathological change in the brain tissues will be established by the medical team.

2. According to your condition a medical plan will be designed for Self Stem Cell Original Activation and Proliferation treatment. Then, to drive off the trigger factors of the stroke, we will treat the blood vessel wall, the blood ingredients and the blood flow, improving the brain micro environment to help the stem cells proliferate.

3. The self activation and proliferation treatment will than start. Based on the Neuro-endocrine immune network theory, we treat the patients by "waking up" the sleeping stem cells through oral medication. We use different medications during different processes (proliferation-inducement-differentiation), the medications are always adjusted and combined; therefore, we call it a "cocktail treatment."

4. Throughout the treatment period we will be following up and evaluating your neurological function and improvement.

5. After the first treatment cycle is complete, 2 to 5 months of rest are recommended before starting the second treatment.

Stem Cell Implantation through the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (Lumbar Puncture)

Most Cerebral Palsy patients have global brain damage. That is why we recommend doing the stem cells implantation through the spinal cord fluid. Through the CSF the stem cells will migrate to the damaged areas in the brain. This procedure is short and simple and done with local anesthesia.

In order to prevent even the minor risk of infection and maintain a strictly sterile environment, the procedure is done in the operating room by our doctors only.

Side effects:

The procedure can cause minor side effects for 2 to 3 days after the operation including fever, headaches, dizziness and fatigue. These side effects are expected and should not alarm or concern you. Many patients do not suffer any side effects at all.

Treatment period:

The recommended time period for the treatment is 5-6 weeks but there should

be improvement after the first month. The patient can decide whether or not to

continue with the second month's treatment at the end of the first month.